CFLHD Project Management

Resources within these pages are intended for Architect/Engineer (A/E) Contractors working with the Central Federal Lands Highway Division (CFLHD). The information provided here is under frequent review and is updated periodically, we urge you to check back in for updates. If there are any questions or concerns about the content provided, please contact us at

Project Planning Documents

The primary source documents of a Project Delivery Plan are the Scope of Work (SOW), Project Schedule, Budget Worksheet, Project Agreement, Scoping Report, Risk and Opportunity Management Plan, and Project Construction Estimate. These documents are produced for all projects with a delivery plan. Larger or more complex projects may have several supplementary documents produced, such as, Quality Control Plan, Communications Plan, Project Specific Change Control Plan, Procurement Plan, and Lessons Learned & Closeout Plan. The formation of a project delivery plan coordinates all sub-plans into one document and forms the basis for Scope Definition and Management, Schedule Management, Cost Management, Risk Management, and Quality Management. See the "Project Delivery Plan Endorsement" document for a checklist of required project delivery documents.

A/E Oversight Guidelines

Other Information

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