Right-of-Way and Utilities Support

The Right-of-Way & Utilities office is responsible for the administration of acquisition and relocation activities on federal or federally-assisted projects and programs. The office also serves to identify and resolve utility conflicts that occur when accommodating public utilities on highway right-of-way.

This Right-of-Way & Utilities web page is intended to provide standard guidelines for consultants preparing Right-of-Way Plans, Plats and Centerline Descriptions on FLH transportation improvement programs.

It is also intended to serve as a resource for state and local agencies acquiring right of way for Federal Lands Projects. Property owners/occupants, county, state and federal agencies, private consultants, and public utility companies can also access FLH programs and activities through this site.

You are invited to browse and use this information. You are also invited to give us suggestions on how we can make these pages more useful to you, and how our programs can be improved. Feel free to email Sheryl Snyder at Sheryl.Snyder@dot.gov or call (360) 619-7946.

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Right of Way Utilities Revised
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