Standard Specifications (FP-03)

FP-03 US Customary Units

The Standard Specifications for the Construction of Roads and Bridges on Federal Highway Projects (FP) are issued primarily for constructing roads and bridges on Federal Highway projects under the direct administration of the Federal Highway Administration. The FP is available in both US Customary and Metric units.

While the FLH Divisions strongly encourages the use of the downloadable versions of this manual, FLH customers may obtain paper copies of the FP by contacting the nearest FLH Division Office. USFS contractors and consultants should contact their nearest Regional office for paper copies of the FP.

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MSWord Files by Section

DescriptionUS CustomaryMetric
Introduction and Table of Contents Word Icon fp-03usc-cover-toc.doc  (Word, 140 KB) Word Icon fp-03met-cover-toc.doc  (Word, 142 KB)
Division 100 General Requirements Word Icon fp-03usc-div100.doc  (Word, 470 KB) Word Icon fp-03met-div100.doc  (Word, 465 KB)
Division 150 Project Requirements Word Icon fp-03usc-div150.doc  (Word, 146 KB) Word Icon fp-03met-div150.doc  (Word, 142 KB)
Division 200 Earthwork Word Icon fp-03usc-div200.doc  (Word, 326 KB) Word Icon fp-03met-div200.doc  (Word, 322 KB)
Division 250 Slope Reinforcement and Retaining Walls Word Icon fp-03usc-div250.doc  (Word, 302 KB) Word Icon fp-03met-div250.doc  (Word, 305 KB)
Division 300 Aggregate Courses Word Icon fp-03usc-div300.doc  (Word, 272 KB) Word Icon fp-03met-div300.doc  (Word, 309 KB)
Division 400 Asphalt Pavements and Surface Treatments Word Icon fp-03usc-div400.doc  (Word, 586 KB) Word Icon fp-03met-div400.doc  (Word, 668 KB)
Division 500 Rigid Pavements Word Icon fp-03usc-div500.doc  (Word, 191 KB) Word Icon fp-03met-div500.doc  (Word, 213 KB)
Division 550 Bridge Construction Word Icon fp-03usc-div550.doc  (Word, 942 KB) Word Icon fp-03met-div550.doc  (Word, 858 KB)
Division 600 Incidental Construction Word Icon fp-03usc-div600.doc  (Word, 545 KB) Word Icon fp-03met-div600.doc  (Word, 543 KB)
Division 700 Material Word Icon fp-03usc-div700.doc  (Word, 793 KB) Word Icon fp-03met-div700.doc  (Word, 781 KB)
Entire FP Word Icon Single file  (Word, 4.33 MB)
ZIP Archive Icon Compressed single file  (ZIP Archive, 749 KB)
Word Icon Single file  (Word, 4.26 MB)
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