Advanced Features

These items may be of interest to advanced users or those making changes to the "boiler plate" SCR documents:

Headers and Footers

Headers and footers inside the SCR documents should never require direct edits from the user. The changeable information located here is controlled by fields.

The Header always contains the page number which is formatted to also show the contract section letter. The contract section letter is set using the style Heading 9, which appears as hidden text at the beginning of the new section. There is a different first page header. All pages, other than the first page in an FP Division, also have text indicating the FP Division number. This is set using the style Division Number, which is set in the SCR templates.

The Footer contains the project number and name. This is set by reference to the document property Project that is set as shown in the introductory instructions.

Document Template

The MS Word document styles are stored in the document template: fp14scr.dotx. All of the SCR files are linked to this template located in the ProjectWise folder. Changes to the document styles may be propagated to all of the SCR files by editing the style in the template, then opening the individual SCR files and saving them. This incorporates the latest template revisions into the file.

Note that the style Heading 9 is not located in this template file. This was done so that the contract section number could be set individually in different files.

The document template is linked in the files from the Developer tab, selecting the Add-Ins button. This brings up the Templates and Add-ins dialog box. The document template can be changed on the Templates tab on this dialog.

First Heading 2 of Division

Most of the time the Section name should start on a new page. However, the first section of a division needs to go on the same page as the Division box. To do this the Heading 2 style has been modified for the template sections in the first section of a division (i.e. 101, 151, 201, etc.). The normal paragraph attribute, "Page break before" has been turned off on the Line and Page Breaks tab.

If the first template section of a division changes, this paragraph property should be modified in the affected sections.

More coming soon...

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