The Emergency Relief program offers a three-part learning experience to better inform/educate practitioners on how to apply for emergency relief funds to restore eligible facilities to their pre-disaster condition.

Watch Video

The four-minute video provides a high-level overview of the Emergency Relief program, which clarifies terminology and funding eligibility requirements, and describes the 8 steps in the Life Cycle Cost Analysis for establishing there is economic justification for receiving funding.

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Complete Online Training Module

The web-based training offers a detailed look at the specific requirements for developing and submitting a complete Emergency Relief Funding proposal.  A proposal template is available for download as a reference during the training.

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Submit Betterment Proposal

A Betterment Proposal is needed to be considered for emergency relief funds from the Emergency Relief Program.  A proposal template specifies the information and data inputs needed for a complete submittal.  The online training module provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to complete the Betterment Proposal.

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