Life-Cycle Cost Analysis: Step 2 - Establish Alternatives


Repairing In-Kind is the alternative to which Betterment alternatives will be compared.

Develop a Betterment alternative that addresses the principle cause of past failures. The types of projects that may be effective in preventing future damage -- and thus eligible for ER funding -- were described in a previous section. A preliminary design is needed to answer the question; is it high enough, long enough, big enough, deep enough, or strong enough. When developing a Betterment alternative, remember that:

  1. The Betterment must be effective in reducing future damage; and,
  2. The cost of the Betterment must be less than the expected reduction of future eligible repair costs. If the cost of the Betterment is greater than the reduction of future repair costs the owner can choose to find other funding sources for the Betterment.

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