Life-Cycle Cost Analysis: Step 4 - Estimate Cost to Repair Damage


For all costs use today's dollars. This is known as the Real Cost.

  • Historic costs must be adjusted to today's dollars using a construction cost index. The cost to repair current and future damage must be estimated using today's dollars.
  • Include all pertinent costs:
    • Environmental clearance, mitigation, and permits
    • Preliminary engineering
    • Construction engineering
    • Emergency and permanent repairs
      • Provide a detailed cost estimate that includes all major construction items, quantities, and unit prices
    • Traffic control
  • Do not include:
    • The cost to repair damage normally funded by the facility owner
      • Heavy maintenance
      • Repairs normally required to address long-term pre-existing conditions
      • Rehabilitation due to normal wear or weathering such as resurfacing or repainting
    • Economic impacts or user costs.

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