Betterments: Review

1. True or False: Projects which include Betterments are usually more expensive in the long run.


2. The justification of a Betterment can be demonstrated through (choose one).

Successful results on similar projects
An economic analysis such as benefit/cost or life cycle cost analysis
Scientific evidence that the Betterment is needed
A detailed analysis of pros and cons that show it is the right thing to do

3. True or False: The reduction of high cost frequent maintenance can be used to economically justify Betterments for ER funding.


4. Betterments typically

Increase highway capacity
Improve safety
Lower annual operating costs
Cost more to construct than to repair in-kind

5. Betterments

Are added protective features not existing prior to a natural disaster
Can be constructed with other funds if not approved for ER funding
May be economically justified to a road owner and not meet the ER economic justification requirements
All the above
A and B above

6. Which item below might qualify as an ER eligible Betterment (select ALL that apply).

Stabilizing slides
Relocating roads
Adding another traffic lane
Replacing several culverts with a bridge
Raising road grade
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