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Awarded Date
Project Number
Project Name
Lake McDonald Utility Relocation MT PRA GLAC 10(44)
Location: Flathead County Solicitation Number: 69056721R000012
Contract Number: 69056722C000009
Awarded To:
Ceccanti, Inc.
Contract Amount:
Award Date:
Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail OR DOT CRGNSA 100(6)
Location: Hood River County Solicitation Number: 69056721B000016
Contract Number: 69056722C000003
Awarded To:
Conway Construction Company
Contract Amount:
Award Date:
Granite Hill Road Reconstruction OR GRANT 24(1)
Location: Sumpter, Oregon Solicitation Number: 690567B21000008
Contract Number: 69056722C000006
Awarded To:
Marcum & Sons, LLC
Contract Amount:
Award Date:
Pavement Preservation Big Bend TX NPS PP BIBE 2021(1)
Location: 45 Miles S of Alpine TX Solicitation Number: 69056721R000011
Contract Number: 69056722F000010
Awarded To:
Intermountain Slurry Seal, Inc.
Contract Amount:
Award Date:
Lewis River Bridge WY NPS YELL 14(1)
Location: Yellowstone National Park Solicitation Number: 69056722R000004
Contract Number: 69056722F000073
Awarded To:
M.A. DeAtley Construction, Inc.
Contract Amount:
Award Date: