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Project Number
Project Name and Files
2021 WFL OR OR DOT 140(1)
Klamath County Boat Marina to Lakeshore Drive
Acrobat Icon OR-DOT-140(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 701 KB)
2021 WFL MT MT PRA GLAC 10(46)
Big Bend Vault Toilet Construction
Acrobat Icon MT-PRA-GLAC-10(46).pdf  (Acrobat, 650 KB)
2021 WFL ID ID DOT T 33(1); WY DOT 22(1)
Idaho Teton Centennial Trail; Wyoming Teton Centennial Trail
Acrobat Icon ID-DOT-T-33(1)-WY-DOT-22(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 210 KB)
2021 WFL OR OR BOR CCAO 2018(1)
Haystack Reservoir Paving
Acrobat Icon OR-BOR-CCAO-2018(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 160 KB)
2021 WFL OR OR DOT CRGNSA 100(4)
Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail, Mitchell Point Crossing
Acrobat Icon OR-DOT-CRGNSA-100(4).pdf  (Acrobat, 752 KB)
2021 WFL HI HI NPS PP 2019(1)
Pavement Preservation Hawaii
Acrobat Icon HI-NPS-PP-2019(1)-2.pdf  (Acrobat, 698 KB)
2021 WFL WA WA NPS OLYM 12(1)
Heart O the Hills Entrance Station Improvements
Acrobat Icon WA-NPS-OLYM-12(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 154 KB)
2021 WFL WA WA NPS BP MORA 2019(1)
Nisqually Glacier Bridge Preservation
Acrobat Icon WA-NPS-BP-MORA-2019(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 157 KB)
2021 WFL WA WA JEFF 91420(1)
Upper Hoh River Road Phase 2
Acrobat Icon WA-JEFF-91420(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 764 KB)
2021 WFL OR OR FS ERFO 2017(1)-18(6)
Rogue River Repairs 2017
Acrobat Icon OR-FS-ERFO-2017(1)-18(6).pdf  (Acrobat, 173 KB)
2021 WFL ID ID KOOTENAI 5762(1)
Bunco Road Improvements
Acrobat Icon ID-KOOTENAI-5762(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 175 KB)
2021 WFL WA WA FS ERFO 2018(1)-23(1)
Okanogan-Wenatchee 2018 Repairs, Phase 1
Acrobat Icon WA-FS-ERFO-2018(1)-23(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 439 KB)
2021 WFL AK AK NPS DENA 10(47) & 10(48)
Repair Two Denali Park Bridges and Culvert Replacement MP 52 & Rockfall Mitigation MP 52.9
Acrobat Icon AK-NPS-DENA-10(47)-10(48).pdf  (Acrobat, 503 KB)
2021 WFL MT MT DAR 2021(1)
Defense Access Roads FY 2021
Acrobat Icon MT-DAR-2021(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 464 KB)