WFLHD Detail Drawings

Detail drawings are used on a continuing basis within each division to clarify the work required in the plans. WFLHD Detail Drawings are arranged by FP section. Contact the Project Development Team for questions or comments on the drawings.

The drawings are available in Acrobat (PDF) and MicroStation (DGN) formats. Individual PDF files are available for both US Customary and Metric units. The single DGN file contains both US Customary and Metric Drawings, both in a sheet model.

101 - Terms, Formats, and Definitions Date
Acrobat Icon View Section 101 standards  (Acrobat, 1.06 MB)
Acrobat IconW101-1
Acrobat IconWM101-1
DGN Icon Plan Symbols and Abbreviations, updated June 2022  (DGN, 236 KB)New 6/2022
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157 - Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Date
Acrobat Icon View Section 157 standards  (Acrobat, 4.49 MB)
Acrobat IconW157-1
Acrobat IconWM157-1
DGN Icon Silt Fence  (DGN, 152 KB) 10/2016
Acrobat IconW157-2
Acrobat IconWM157-2
DGN Icon Temporary Inlet Protection  (DGN, 256 KB) 10/2016
Acrobat IconW157-15
Acrobat IconWM157-15
DGN Icon Check Dam, Moderate Grades  (DGN, 188 KB) 10/2016
Acrobat IconW157-16
Acrobat IconWM157-16
DGN Icon Check Dam with Rolled Erosion Control Product  (DGN, 148 KB) 7/2016
Acrobat IconW157-17
Acrobat IconWM157-17
DGN Icon Temporary Diversion Berm Methods  (DGN, 184 KB) 7/2016
Acrobat IconW157-18
Acrobat IconWM157-18
DGN Icon Water Filtration Bag  (DGN, 137 KB) 10/2016
Acrobat IconW157-19
Acrobat IconWM157-19
DGN Icon Stabilized Construction Exit  (DGN, 121 KB) 7/2016
Acrobat IconW157-20
Acrobat IconWM157-20
DGN Icon Sediment Wattle  (DGN, 246 KB) 7/2016
Acrobat IconW157-21
Acrobat IconWM157-21
DGN Icon Fiber Roll  (DGN, 245 KB) 7/2016
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200 - Earthwork Date
Acrobat Icon View Section 200 standards  (Acrobat, 2.22 MB)
Acrobat IconW200-50
Acrobat IconWM200-50
DGN Icon Idaho Road Approach  (DGN, 144 KB) 11/2014
Acrobat IconW200-70
Acrobat IconWM200-70
DGN Icon Oregon Road Approach  (DGN, 152 KB) 11/2014
Acrobat IconW200-80
Acrobat IconWM200-80
DGN Icon Washington Road Approach  (DGN, 176 KB) 11/2014
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251 - Riprap Date
Acrobat Icon View Section 251 standards  (Acrobat, 705 KB)
Acrobat IconW251-1
Acrobat IconWM251-1
DGN Icon Placed Riprap at Culvert Outlets  (DGN, 172 KB) 7/2016
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253 - Gabions and Revet Mattresses Date
Acrobat Icon View Section 253 standards  (Acrobat, 2.51 MB)
Acrobat IconW253-1
Acrobat IconWM253-1
DGN Icon Gabion Basket  (DGN, 183 KB) 9/2011
Acrobat IconW253-2
Acrobat IconWM253-2
DGN Icon Gabion Faced Wall  (DGN, 153 KB) 9/2011
Acrobat IconW253-3
Acrobat IconWM253-3
DGN Icon Gabion Faced Wall  (DGN, 104 KB) 9/2011
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601 - Minor Concrete Structures Date
Acrobat Icon View Section 601 standards  (Acrobat, 1.41 MB)
Acrobat IconW601-10
Acrobat IconWM601-10
DGN Icon Reinforced Concrete Headwall  (DGN, 208 KB) 11/2006
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606 - Corrugated Metal Spillways Date
Acrobat Icon View Section 606 standards  (Acrobat, 2.89 MB)
Acrobat IconW606-10
Acrobat IconWM606-10
DGN Icon Spillway Assembly with Down Drain  (DGN, 124 KB) 9/2011
Acrobat IconW606-11
Acrobat IconWM606-11
DGN Icon Spillway Assembly with Down Drain and Slip-Joint  (DGN, 99 KB) 9/2011
Acrobat IconW606-12
Acrobat IconWM606-12
DGN Icon Spillway Assembly with Half-Round Down Drain  (DGN, 126 KB) 10/2009
Acrobat IconW606-13
Acrobat IconWM606-13
DGN Icon Corrugated Metal Spillways and Inlets  (DGN, 147 KB) 10/2009
Acrobat IconW606-14
Acrobat IconWM606-14
DGN Icon Pipe Anchor Assembly  (DGN, 94 KB) 9/2009
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617 - Guardrail Date
Acrobat Icon View Section 617 standards  (Acrobat, 1.3 MB)
Acrobat IconW617-83
Acrobat IconWM617-83
DGN Icon Removable Steel-backed Log Rail  (DGN, 215 KB)
Note: 3 sheets
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619 - Fence, Gates, Cattle Guards and Bollard Posts Date
Acrobat Icon View Section 619 standards  (Acrobat, 7.17 MB)
Acrobat IconWM619-20 DGN Icon Residential Chain Link Fence  (DGN, 226 KB) 12/2000
Acrobat IconWM619-21 DGN Icon Residential Chain Link Hardware and Gate  (DGN, 284 KB) 12/2000
Acrobat IconWM619-22 DGN Icon Chain Link Fence  (DGN, 280 KB) 12/2000
Acrobat IconWM619-23 DGN Icon Chain Link Hardware and Gate  (DGN, 278 KB) 12/2000
Acrobat IconWM619-40 DGN Icon Alaska Wire Fence and Gate  (DGN, 268 KB) 12/2000
Acrobat IconW619-50
Acrobat IconWM619-50
DGN Icon Idaho Fence  (DGN, 319 KB)
Note: 3 sheets
Acrobat IconWM619-51 DGN Icon Idaho Gates  (DGN, 230 KB) 12/2000
Acrobat IconW619-60
Acrobat IconWM619-60
DGN Icon Montana Fence  (DGN, 213 KB)
Note: 2 Sheets
Acrobat IconW619-61
Acrobat IconWM619-61
DGN Icon Montana Entrance Gates  (DGN, 148 KB) 3/2010
W619-62 Montana Wildlife Fence  (DGN unavailable) -
Acrobat IconWM619-70 DGN Icon Oregon Right-of-Way Fences  (DGN, 341 KB) 12/2000
Acrobat IconWM619-71 DGN Icon Oregon Right-of-Way Gates  (DGN, 322 KB) -
Acrobat IconWM619-80 DGN Icon Washington Fence  (DGN, 366 KB) 12/2000
Acrobat IconWM619-81 DGN Icon Washington Gate  (DGN, 148 KB) 12/2000
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621 - Monuments and Markers Date
Acrobat Icon View Section 621 standards  (Acrobat, 420 KB)
Acrobat IconW621-1
Acrobat IconWM621-1
DGN Icon Right-of-Way Monumentation  (DGN, 156 KB) 11/2014
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626 - Plants, Trees, Shrubs, Vines, and Groundcovers Date
Acrobat Icon View Section 626 standards  (Acrobat, 718 KB)
Acrobat IconW626-1
Acrobat IconWM626-1
DGN Icon Trees and Shrubs Planting Methods  (DGN, 256 KB) 12/2006
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629 - Rolled Erosion Control Products and Cellular Confinement Systems Date
Acrobat Icon View Section 629 standards  (Acrobat, 1.27 MB)
Acrobat IconW629-1
Acrobat IconWM629-1
DGN Icon Rolled Erosion Control Product on Slopes  (DGN, 292 KB) 10/2016
Acrobat IconW629-2
Acrobat IconWM629-2
DGN Icon Rolled Erosion Control Product in Channels  (DGN, 568 KB) 10/2016
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633 - Permanent Traffic Control Date
Acrobat Icon View Section 633 standards  (Acrobat, 3.96 MB)
Acrobat IconW633-7
Acrobat IconWM633-7
DGN Icon Permanent Sign Installation, Wood Posts  (DGN, 180 KB) 10/2009
Acrobat IconW633-40
Acrobat IconWM633-40
DGN Icon Alaska Delineators  (DGN, 154 KB) 7/2016
Acrobat IconW633-50
Acrobat IconWM633-50
DGN Icon Idaho Delineators  (DGN, 172 KB) 9/2009
Acrobat IconW633-60
Acrobat IconWM633-60
DGN Icon Montana Delineators  (DGN, 172 KB) 1/2008
Acrobat IconW633-70
Acrobat IconWM633-70
DGN Icon Oregon Delineators  (DGN, 172 KB) 12/2000
Acrobat IconW633-80
Acrobat IconWM633-80
DGN Icon Washington Delineators  (DGN, 160 KB) 1/2008
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634 - Permanent Pavement Markings Date
Acrobat Icon View Section 634 standards  (Acrobat, 1.74 MB)
Acrobat IconW634-1
Acrobat IconWM634-1
DGN Icon Pavement Markings Symbols and Words  (DGN, 172 KB) 10/2007
Acrobat IconW634-2
Acrobat IconWM634-2
DGN Icon Linear Pavement Markings  (DGN, 152 KB) 10/2012
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646 - Roadside Development Date
Acrobat Icon View Section 646 standards  (Acrobat, 1.31 MB)
Acrobat IconW646-1
Acrobat IconWM646-1
DGN Icon Mailbox Turnout and Installation  (DGN, 156 KB) 11/2014
Acrobat IconW646-2
Acrobat IconWM646-2
DGN Icon Mailbox Assembly, Series A  (DGN, 172 KB) 11/2014
Acrobat IconW646-3
Acrobat IconWM646-3
DGN Icon Mailbox Assembly, Series B  (DGN, 160 KB) 11/2014
Acrobat IconW646-4
Acrobat IconWM646-4
DGN Icon Mailbox Assembly, Series C  (DGN, 172 KB) 11/2014
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