Library of Special Contract Requirements (FP-14)

These supplemental specifications are approved for use in the development of CFLHD projects using the FP-14. The FLH Supplement specifications are included within these supplements. To view/download specific supplemental specifications in MS Word format, select the appropriate link below to download documents.

NOTE: As files are often updated, it may be necessary to refresh your browser and/or clear your browser history cache to view the most current documents. It is recommended that files be saved to your computer then opened to ensure the most current file is viewed.

Single Word Document Version
Section Title Revised
FP-14 LOS Single Word Document FP-14 LOS (06/15/2023)

Miscellaneous Files
Section Title Revised
-INDEX-14 Record of Specification Changes FP-14 (06/15/2023)
-START-14 SCR Starter Page FP-14 (07/12/2022)

Division 100 - General Requirements
Section Title Revised
S101-14 Terms, Format, and Definitions (06/15/2023)
S102-14 Bid, Award, and Execution of Contract (09/11/2014)
S103-14 Scope of Work (04/12/2023)
S105-14 Control of Material (10/02/2019)
S106-14 Acceptance of Work (04/02/2018)
S107-14 Legal Relations and Responsibility to the Public (06/15/2023)
S107-14A Indian Preference (05/04/2021)
S108-14 Acceptance of Work (06/15/2023)
S109-14 Measurement and Payment (03/22/2022)

Division 150 - Project Requirements
Section Title Revised
S152-14 Construction Survey and Staking (02/17/2023)
S153-14 Contractor Quality Control (02/02/2023)
S154-14 Contractor Sampling and Testing (09/11/2014)
S155-14 Schedules for Construction Contracts (06/13/2019)
S156-14 Public Traffic (03/22/2022)
S157-14 Soil Erosion and Sediment Control (04/12/2023)

Division 200 - Earthwork
Section Title Revised
S203-14 Removal of Structures and Obstructions (09/30/2017)
S204-14 Excavation and Embankment (08/01/2014)
S207-14 Earthwork Geotextiles (07/05/2016)
S211-14 Roadway Obliteration (08/01/2014)

Division 250 - Slope Reinforcement and Retaining Walls
Section Title Revised
S252-14 Rockery, Special Rock Embankment, and Rock Buttress (09/11/2014)
S253-14 Gabions and Revet Mattresses (08/01/2014)
S255-14 Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls (11/29/2018)
S258-14 Reinforced Concrete Retaining Walls (08/01/2014)
S261-14 Reinforced Soil Slopes (09/11/2014)

Division 300 - Aggregate Courses
Section Title Revised
S301-14 Untreated Aggregate Courses (06/13/2019)
S302-14 Minor Crushed Aggregate (05/04/2021)
S304-14 Full Depth Reclamation (02/02/2023)
S310-14 Cold In-Place Recycled Asphalt Base Course (08/01/2014)

Division 400 - Asphalt Pavements and Surface Treatments
Section Title Revised
S401-14 Asphalt Concrete Pavement by Gyratory Mix Design Method (10/02/2019)
S402-14 Asphalt Concrete Pavement by Hveem or Marshall Mix Design Method (04/01/2020)
S403-14 Asphalt Concrete (04/01/2020)
S404-14 Asphalt Concrete Pavement Warranty (03/22/2022)
S407-14 Chip Seal (08/01/2014)

Division 500 – Rigid Pavements
Section Title Revised
S502-14 Concrete Pavement Restoration (07/05/2016)
S503-14 Concrete Pavement Warranty (03/22/2022)

Division 550 - Bridge Construction
Section Title Revised
S552-14 Structural Concrete (05/14/2015)
S555-14 Steel Structures (08/01/2014)
S563-14 Painting (06/13/2019)
S564-14 Bearing Devices (04/12/2023)
S565-14 Drilled Shafts (08/01/2014)
S568-14 High Performance Concrete (11/05/2015)
S569-14 Concrete Overlays For Bridge Decks (11/05/2015)

Division 600 - Incidental Construction
Section Title Revised
S601-14 Minor Concrete Structures (05/12/2015)
S603-14 Structural Plate Structures (05/12/2015)
S609-14 Curb and Gutter (08/01/2014)
S617-14 Guardrail (06/13/2019)
S623-14 General Labor (04/01/2020)
S625-14 Turf Establishment (05/04/2021)
S629-14 Rolled Erosion Control Products and Cellular Confinement Systems (08/01/2014)
S633-14 Permanent Traffic Control (07/31/2017)
S634-14 Permanent Pavement Markings (03/22/2022)
S635-14 Temporary Traffic Control (04/01/2020)
S636-14 Traffic Signal, Traffic Counter, Lighting, and Electrical Systems (06/13/2019)
S637-14 Facilities and Services (06/15/2023)
S650-14 Construct and Maintain Diversion (08/01/2014)

Division 700 - Material
Section Title Revised
S702-14 Asphalt Material (07/31/2017)
S703-14 Aggregate (09/11/2014)
S704-14 Soil (09/11/2014)
S705-14 Rock (02/15/2019)
S706-14 Concrete and Plastic Pipe (08/01/2014)
S710-14 Fence and Guardrail (03/22/2022)
S713-14 Roadside Improvement Material (03/22/2022)
S718-14 Traffic Signing and Marking Material (08/01/2014)
S725-14 Miscellaneous Material (04/12/2023)