Right of Way (ROW) and Utilities

WFL Supplemental Content

Right of Way Revised
Right of Way, Federal Lands Transfer & Railroad Certification Form 01-21-2020
Temporary Construction Easement (TCE) 08-01-2019
Donation Statement - Waiver 08-01-2019
Offer Letter 08-01-2019
Status Report of Acquisition 08-01-2019
Matrix for LPA on Uniform Process (goes with acquisition package) 08-01-2019
Negotiators Report 08-01-2019
Footprint Memo Example 08-01-2019
RW Work Flowchart 08-01-2019
Property Mapping Flowchart 08-01-2019
Acquisition Checklist for Reviews 08-01-2019
Federal Lands Transfer (FLT) Program Revised
Internal Routing Form for Review & Signature 08-01-2019
FS Regulations for Plats 08-01-2019
Federal Lands Transfer Process Flowchart 08-01-2019
Highway Easement Deed Template Example 08-01-2019
FLT Manual 08-01-2019
Conditions to Highway Easement Deed 08-01-2019
Sample of Legal Sufficiency Review 08-01-2019
Cover Letter Template to Record HED 08-01-2019
Request for Letter of Consent Package 08-01-2019
Utility Relocations Revised
Utility Relocation Certification 10-08-2019
Utility Flowcharts - Contract and Agreement Processes 08-01-2019
Utility Agreement Template (follows 23 CFR 645.113 requirements) 08-01-2019
Utility Relocation Request Letter Template 08-01-2019
SCR Example Template: Sec 107.02 - Before (edit for project) 08-01-2019
SCR Example Template: Sec 107.02 - During (edit for project) 08-01-2019
SCR Example Template: Sec 107.02 - No Relocates (edit for project) 08-01-2019
LPA Federal Acquisition Qualifications Package Revised
Alaska Qualifications Package 08-01-2019
Idaho Qualifications Package 08-01-2019
Montana Qualifications Package 08-01-2019
Oregon Qualifications Package 08-01-2019
Washington Qualifications Package 08-01-2019
Template Letter to LPA 08-01-2019
Material Permit/Easement Revised
Temporary Materials Permit Template 08-01-2019
Developing RW Plans & Exhibits Revised
Guidelines for Uniform Right-of-Way Plans 08-01-2019
Sample Right-of-Way Plans, Plats, and Centerline Descriptions 08-01-2019
Downloads: CADD Files and Forms 08-01-2019
BLM documents Revised
BLM Grant Application 10-23-2019
BLM Pamphlet for Application Process 10-23-2019

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