Sample WFL Right-of-Way Centerline Description

Centerline Description of Right-of-Way
for the Samiah to Fierce
Idaho Forest Highway Road 155-1(2)
Clearwater National Forest
Idaho County, Idaho

This description prepared by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
Western Federal Lands Highway division (WFLHD)
November 20, 2001

OWNER: Frank James & Annie Oakley

A parcel of land lying in the Southeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter of Section 33 in Township 34 North, Range 5 East, Boise Meridian, Idaho County, Idaho and being a portion of the property described and recorded in said county.

The said parcel being all that portion of said property lying within the boundaries of Right-of-Way hereinafter described with reference to Engineer's centerline of the Kamiah to Pierce Road, Forest Highway Road 55-1(2), which centerline is described as follows.

Beginning at Engineer's Centerline Station (hereinafter called Station) 9+958.748 ST; said Station being a point 843.94 meters (2768.82 feet) South 26° 14' 08" West of found Section Corner of Section 27, 28, 33 and 34 of Township 34 North, Range 5 East, Boise Meridian.

thence North 63° 03' 56" East 303.46 meters (995.61 feet) to Station 10+262.212 TS;

thence on a spiral curve right (8° 11' 06") 50.00 meters (164.04 feet) to Station 10+312.212 SC; [the long chord of which bears N 65° 47' 37" E 49.95 meters (163.89 feet)];

thence on a 175.00 meters (574.15 feet) radius curve right, 75.15 meters (246.55 feet) to Station 10+387.360 CS; [the long chord of which bears N 83° 33' 09" E 74.57 meters (244.66 feet)];

County Road #100, Idaho Forest Highway 55-1(2), Kamiah to Pierce Road Right-of-Way widths in feet (with metric equivalents in parenthesis) measured from the above described centerline, are as follows:

Right-of-way lines run parallel to centerline except where noted.

Station Width on the Northerly side
(left) of centerline
Width on the Southerly side
(right) of centerline
9+958.748 ST 32.81' (10m) 32.81' (10m) Straight line
10+120.000 POT   32.81' (10m) Straight line
10+140.000 POT   49.21' (15m) Straight line
10+160.000 POT   49.21' (15m) Straight line
10+180.000 POT   32.81' (10m)
10+200.000 POT 32.81' (10m) Straight line  
10+220.000 POT 49.21' (15m) Straight line  
10+240.000 POT 49.21' (15m) Straight line  
10+262.212 TS 36.09' (11m) 32.81' (10m) Straight line
10+312.212 SC   39.37' (12m)
10+387.360 CS 36.09' (11m) 39.37' (12m)

Said parcel lying between approximate Station 9+958.748 ST and Station 10+387.360 CS.

The parcel of land to which this description applies contains 16.70 hectares (41.26 acres), more or less, of which 0.71 hectares (1.75 acres) lie within the existing Right-of-Way. Total Right-of-Way to be acquired under this deed will be 0.85 hectares (2.11 acres).

Temporary Construction Easements are necessary from Station 10+295.000 to Station 10+325.000 which contains 0.03 hectares (0.07 acres).