Develop 95%

ACTIVITY: Develop Final (95%) design consists of the steps below.

  1. Incorporate comments from 70% review
  2. Develop responses to 70% review comments
  3. Finalize approach road design
  4. Finalize pullouts and parking area design
  5. Complete Final Road Safety Evaluation
  6. Complete major structure design support
  7. Finalize drainage design
  8. Finalize permanent traffic control
  9. Finalize temporary traffic control
  10. Finalize plan and profile sheets
  11. Finalize project specific plan/detail sheets

Step 1 (Weight: 20)

Description: Incorporate comments from 70% review

  • Discuss issues with commenters or in a comment review CFT meeting

Step 2 (Weight: 10)

Description: Develop responses to 70% review comments


Step 3 (Weight: 8)

Description: Finalize approach road design

  • Finalize plan and profile sheets
  • Finalize major intersection plans
  • Finalize cross sections for earthwork, clearing and seeding reports

Step 4 (Weight: 6)

Description: Finalize pullouts and parking area design

  • Review/Finalize layouts
  • Finalize plan and profile sheets
  • Finalize control point layout sheets

Step 5 (Weight: 1)

Description: Complete Final Road Safety Evaluation


Step 6 (Weight: 10)

Description: Complete major structure design support

  • Provide support for final bridge plans.
  • Finalize all wall layout sheets

Step 7 (Weight: 10)

Description: Finalize drainage design

  • Finalize all the major culverts and end treatments.
  • Finalize all the minor culverts and end treatments
  • Hydraulics Toolbox (software)
  • Hydraulics to provide final approval of plan sheets

Step 8 (Weight: 5)

Description: Finalize permanent traffic control

  • Finalize signing plans
  • Finalize striping plans

Step 9 (Weight: 10)

Description: Finalize temporary traffic control

  • Finalize construction phasing plans and/or detour plans
  • Finalize temporary signing, striping, and traffic control plans

Step 10 (Weight: 15)

Description: Finalize plan and profile sheets

Step 11 (Weight: 5)

Description: Finalize project specific plan/detail sheets

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